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07/24/23 03:51 PM #17    

Teri Rube (Hochberg)

Hi!  Could someone please refresh the information regarding payment for the reunion including check, venmo...

Thanking in advance,

Teri Rube Hochberg

07/24/23 05:25 PM #18    

Nancy Levine

Teri, sent you an email too.

Please send payment by Venmo or PayPal to Some classmates have been having a problem using Venmo and if you encounter a problem, please just email with your user name and the number of people who will be attending. I will then send you a request for payment. It’s only Venmo that there appears to be a problem. Or you can mail a check payable to Nancy Levine or CHHS class of 1973 reunion and mail to. 
Nancy Levine
C/o Jeremy Saham  
3773 Washington Blvd., University Heights, OH 44118
Look forward to seeing you. It’s going to be great. Nancy.

08/20/23 01:22 PM #19    

David A. Chaitoff (Kaye)

how do I find out who is attending reunion?

08/21/23 08:58 PM #20    


Jim Tuttle

David. Just click on the Classmate Profiles. There is an icon next to the names of those of us who will be attending the 50th Reunion. JT

08/29/23 10:27 PM #21    

Virginia S. Smith (Kallay)

Well classmates,  I was really looking forward to the reunion this coming weekend, but returned home this week from a vacation on the Danube with COVID!  ( my brother and sister in law contracted it as well.) Grrr!  So I will keep my germs home, and hope to see many many photographs of all of you having a wonderful time!  I send a special hello to my GGC-MC folks, seeing that I spent probably 95% of my time at Heights on the 4th floor.  Enjoy!  And maybe see you in 2028??  
Ginny (Smith) Kallay 

08/30/23 07:01 AM #22    


Pamela Plntchuk (Hess)

Greetings, 1973 Classmates! 

I just wanted to say Hello to everyone! Sadly, I am not able to attend the reunion. My husband Curtis and I have Haflinger show ponies and our biggest show of the year, every year, is The Great Geauga County Fair. The fair starts tomorrow, and we cannot leave our Pony Tent and leave our horses unattended during the reunion. I am sorry to miss this event and see all of you!

Just a little bit about me, since I can't be there for the reunion. My memories of Heights High are mostly about cutting classes, a not-so-great "flexible education" experience, and handing out at Wally's pool hall. I liked English and poetry but didn't know what I wanted to do after HH. I went to college for a short while right after high school but was unfocused and didn't really have a goal for my education. So I stopped out of college after three semesters and didn't return to college for seven years before returning to school with strong career goals and knowing exactly what I wanted to study. I attended the University of Kentucky in Lexington for 3 years and then graduated from Purdue School of Veterinary Medicine in 1988. To make a very long story short, I have had a varied and wonderful career as a large animal (mostly horses) veterinarian. I am currently the Dean of the School of Equine Studies at Lake Erie College in Painesville, Ohio. I have been at Lake Erie since 2010 and I have been running our wonderful equine academic and riding program since 2012. I hope to retire in a few more years but I still love my job and value going to work every day. 

My husband Curtis and I have a small Haflinger horse farm called Lonesome Pines Haflingers in Chardon, Ohio in Geauga County. We raise and show Haflingers mostly in carriage driving events including Combined Driving Events, local Fairs and pleasure shows and an occasional parade. If you have some available time this weekend, please come to The Great Geauga County Fair and stop by the Pony Tents behind the Small Grandstand and say Hi! 

Best wishes for a great reunion party! 

Pam (Pintchuk) Hess

08/30/23 11:18 AM #23    

Ellen Kwait (Blank)

Pam, I'm so glad you posted your wonderful "bio"! You are an inspiration! Have you done any career days at high schools? Some teens might like to know that they don't have to plan their whole lives at the age of 17.

08/30/23 10:41 PM #24    

Gail Goldblatt (Adams)

Hello CHHS Class of "73. I was so looking forward to attending the 50th reunion this coming weekend. Unfortunately, due to a death in my husbands family we will not be able to attend. I know how much hard work has gone in to planning the event. Kudos to the Reunion Committee.

Wishing everyone a wonderful evening. Special shout out to my fellow GGC-MC grads!

Gail Goldblatt Adams

08/31/23 11:58 AM #25    


Eric D Weiss

Greetings all,

It must be the season for unexpected illnesses - add me to the list of those suddenly unable to attend the 50th reunion. After a trip to Florida to visit my father-in-law (the greatest father-in-law that anyone could have!), the boss and I seem to developed a bit of pneumonia. Travel is certainly out of the question. Really bummed here - this was going to be the first one of these that I was able to attend. But, sometimes life just gets in the way of life. 

I look forward to seeing the pics from the event. Safe travels to all. 

    Eric Weiss

09/01/23 12:56 PM #26    

Avie Grunspan

I wish all attending the reunion this weekend a good time to reconnect and reminisce. I have many fond memories of CHHS and would have loved to attend except for the lame excuse of ongoing full time work as a sleep physician in San Antonio, TX. No one appears to sleep well and its a 7 day/week endeavor. And yes its hot with 60 days this summer over 100 degrees, new record. Escaping back to hometown Cleveland would have been nice respite. 

Enjoy and wish all good health. Looking forward to photos. 

09/02/23 11:05 AM #27    

Joan B. Raskin

I can't tell you how sorry I am but, I am ill and cannot attend the reunion.  Have a great time!

Joan Raskin

09/02/23 02:43 PM #28    

Lee Kravitz

Thanks to all who set up the Friday night meet and greet.   It was a perfect evening and a perfect event.   We all had a great time.   

09/03/23 01:00 PM #29    

Bonnie T. Casey (Manning)

Not sure if what I just wrote was submitted, so I'll say I it again. Thank you Gary, Nancy, and the entire reunion committee for an absolutely perfect evening. We know you worked your butts off and cannot thank you enough for all the time, energy, and sacrifices that you made on behalf of the class of 1973. The entire evening was wonderful and it was a joy to see and reconnect with old classmates. Thank you very much.

09/03/23 01:15 PM #30    

Lee Kravitz

I don't know if there are any superlatives strong enough to describe the success of last night's reunion. It was just so amazing. My endless thanks to our awesome classmates that worked so hard putting the week ne events together. Seeing all of you was very uplifting. I could go on and on but I think that you get what I am saying. Good health and happiness to all. Let's not wait another 10 years๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜. Lee Kravitz

09/03/23 04:13 PM #31    


Bonnie J. Long (Baker)

First of all I want to thank the whole committee who took their time and energy to put on a fantastic night and the Friday get together. Both events were fabulous. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! It was so wonderful seeing all the classmates of 73 and some who I have know since 1st grade. I had such a great night catching up with people and seeing where our lives have taken us. If you've taken any pictures please try to post them. May you all stay happy and healthy for a long time to come. Cheers๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰

09/03/23 05:42 PM #32    

Debra Schimmels (Miller)

Any photos to share from the reunion. Please share.

09/03/23 07:21 PM #33    

Sandra Amster (Kaufman)

School Tour

09/04/23 01:03 PM #34    


Jim Tuttle

I totally agree with all the expressions of appreciation for everyone who helped make our 50th Reunion a great success! It was a wonderful time and it was great to see so many 'ole friends! Thanks. And here's wishing good health and happiness to everyone until we meet again!

09/04/23 03:15 PM #35    

Larry Katz

To the reunion committee and especially to Gary, Laurie, Steve and Nancy, Thank you-Thank you-Thank you!  It was a truly spectacular few days and I feel so much younger having attended.  It was great to see everyone again.  So many long ago faded memories have flooded back in and continue to do so.  I can't stop smiling and boring my wife with CHHS stories and about the great people we attended with way back when. 

Thanks to you all,

Larry Katz



09/04/23 03:39 PM #36    


David K. Young

THANK YOU to Gary, Nancy, and the other organizers!  What an awesome event and opportunity to reconnect.  What an impressive group of people who were motivated to come back.  Y'all have shown CHHS Proud!

See you at the 60th, David K. Young

09/05/23 10:08 AM #37    


Daniel Louis Marmorstein

Looking at the pictures people posted, this was the reunion to be at! I am so sorry I could not attend. The pictures you posted put a big smile on my face :) Everyone looked so happy, so relaxed. Kudos to the planning committee. It was fascinating to see the physical changes in people from 50 years ago, and even longer for those I grew up with in my synagogue - which coincidentally had "Heights" in it's name. I wish that I could see more nametags to identify who everyone is - perhaps there's a way for those who post to do that so just clicking on a person reveals their name. Everyone take care. Danny

09/06/23 11:53 AM #38    


Sheila Friedman (Allenick)

I too am sorry I could not attend. We were sailing in Georgian Bay's north channel. I agree that seeing the name tags would help with identifying people in the picture. Looking forward to the next one. 

09/08/23 11:42 AM #39    


Ross D. Mitchell

Thank you all for posting these amazing pictures. Even though Incould not attend the event this year the pictures are so great to see.  Everyone looks just like I remember and brings back such vivid memories. 

The pics of the school visit was great even though my favorite room (detention hall) seemed to be missing.  Looking forward to the next time around.  Funny as it is I ran into Gary Biales yesterday and immediately reckognized him since I just saw his picture here. 




09/11/23 12:55 PM #40    

Michael Robins

Cleveland did.

03/19/24 12:08 PM #41    

Michael Robins

A class mate of ours, Sandy Rubin (Clair) died on FRiday 15 Marach 2024.

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